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Space is one of the most important components of your business – and your office lease needs to be right for you. Deals need to be reached quickly, without giving up what matters. With over twenty years of experience, we bring a sophisticated level of insight to help you navigate what can often be lengthy and complex process. No matter how big or small your project may be, we’ll do everything possible to make reaching your lease deal easier.

For Landlords:

Business accelerates when your office spaces are occupied swiftly and easily.

Landlords know that empty space means money lost, and the longer a lease takes to negotiate, the longer a space sits empty. Delays and unsatisfactory results and can mean lost income and build tension among your team and your tenants.

As a landlord, working with an experienced attorney can help the leasing process move quickly and efficiently, maintaining good relationships while you reach occupancy with satisfied tenants.

Bowers Hill is dedicated to commercial leasing

Our expertise in the field and insight into market trends stem from successfully negotiating a vast number of lease agreements for a diverse clientele across the nation.

We offer streamlined processes and systematic organization, enabling clients to concentrate on what matters most to their business. Our methodical approach ensures swift completion of work with meticulous attention to deadlines and particulars.

Among our services:

  • Prepare and review agreements
  • Negotiate with industry-focused legal and business expertise
  • Optimize your profits without putting you at risk of liability
  • And more

Let us help your leasing process move quickly and efficiently, maintain good relationships, and focus on your business.

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For Tenants:

We’ll manage your office lease – you can focus on your business.

Experienced Attorneys Tenants

An attorney with commercial property law experience can negotiate your lease on your behalf, offer insights on the terms and conditions that are important to minimizing your risk, preserve your bottom line, and maintain the most flexibility for your business.

Bowers Hill is dedicated solely to commercial leasing

Having negotiated tens of thousands of lease documents for thousands of clients of all sizes nationwide, we can help you reach the best deal for you, with a lease that is written with your needs in mind that protects your interests.

Our streamlined processes and organized systems are tailored to direct your focus to the matters most crucial to your business. Our methodical approach ensures work is completed swiftly and cost-effectively, without overlooking any deadlines or details. Moreover, we bring a refreshing perspective to what can often seem like a long process.

How We Can Help You

From access and parking to subletting rights and opening and operating covenants, we’ll help you navigate through the leasing process and avoid loopholes to ensure you never take on more liability than necessary.

  • Tenant improvements and construction issues
  • Limiting your exposure for operating expenses and costly repairs
  • Negotiating special preferential rights
  • Office Leasing Issues
  • Operating expenses (base year, expense stop, gross up, inclusions, exclusions)
  • Renewal and preferential rights (generally to lease but also to purchase)
  • Assignment and subletting rights
  • Alterations (right to make, obligation to remove, etc.)
  • Tenant improvements and base building improvements
  • Landlord’s services and interruption clauses
  • Subordination and non-disturbance issues
  • Telecommunications, rooftop use
  • And more

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